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Words can sell, honor, charm, move, 
demand, cajole, assuage, insist, SCOFF, 
commend, mend, inspire, convince, 
persuade, aid, challenge, profile, support,
 announce, inform, enlighten, instruct, irk,
confuse, jeer, endorse, reveal, introduce, 
beguile, lie, promote, hope, commemorate, 
amuse, influence, propose, touch, humiliate, 
request, entertain, dare, presume, beckon, 
hurt, insinuate, solicit, annoy, summon,  
deliver, force, suggest, patronize, heal, 
disclose, hurt, tease, foreshadow, urge, tempt, 
assure, eulogize, oppose, encourage, direct, 
BLESS, arouse, comfort, cheer, define, 
rationalize, invite, honor, reveal, help, adore, 
condescend, intimidate, welcome, educate, 
enlighten, pry, command or entice.

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Nashville-based firm, Jane R. Snyder Marketing Solutions, develops copy, promotional concepts, and marketing campaigns for businesses, creative professionals, and non-profit groups. Her innovative creative ideas enable clients, whether they sell products or offer professional services, to set themselves apart from their competition. Her clever solutions for organizations help them to raise money and public awareness.  Jane is an award-winning writer known for her ability to craft memorable copy to successfully meet marketing objectives. Website: http://www.janersnyder.com

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