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Can you describe the service(s) or product(s) your business provides in a single sentence?

MY COMPANY: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In the entertainment industry this is called the “high concept” of a book or a movie script. If you are not clear about what you do, how will a prospective customer or client understand what you have to offer them?

MY SLOGAN IS:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Like a hit song with a great hook, your slogan should grab your audience the first time they encounter it. It should challenge them, intrigue them, and be instantly recognizable the next time they see it. If it is too general (i.e. “To know us is to love us” or “To know Smith Landscaping is to love Smith Landscaping”) it can confuse your potential customer and send them, inadvertently, to your competitor. Can you afford to risk that happening?

Do you really understand why your current customers prefer doing business with you rather than someone else?

MY CUSTOMERS DO BUSINESS WITH ME BECAUSE:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you can’t answer this question you should be concerned about the future of your business. Successful companies are built on repeat business. Let’s face it—if they provide excellent service, even funeral homes get to bury the entire family NOT just one member of it! Is this something you have thought about lately?

Do you know how your established customers can easily help you to expand your client base?

LIST 10 CURRENT CUSTOMERS WHO WOULD BE WILLING TO RECOMMEND YOU AND YOUR COMPANY TO OTHERS.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Often, a smile and a handshake is enough for one customer to recommend another, but there are other ways to make the process more effective and profitable. Would you like to know how? Here is one simple tip…

You go many places during the course of your week and potential new business is everywhere. In how many places do you carry your business card?

LIST THEM HERE: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Don’t miss any new business opportunity! Consider your card case, pocketbook, wallet, date book, briefcase, pockets, glove compartment, car trunk, gym bag or locker, golf bag, tackle box and eyeglass case. Don’t forget your bicycle, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV as well. I’ve even met people who tuck a card inside their Bible or prayer book, just in case a neighborly chat leads to some possible work. Just like a Boy Scout: “Be Prepared!”


“How can I help you grow your business?”


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