Words can SELL, honor, CHARM, move, 
demand, cajole, ASSUAGE, insist, commend,
inspire, CONVINCE, aid, persuade, lie, support, challenge, profile, ANNOUNCE,
inform, deliver,  enlighten, instruct, applaud, 
JEER, endorse, reveal, INTRODUCE, beguile, 
elect, promote, HOPE, commemorate, amuse, 
influence, entertain, propose, touch, speak,
REQUEST, presume, humiliate, dare, 
BECKON, insinuate, solicit, ANNOY, summon,
pry, deliver, force, suggest, patronize, heal, 
disclose, hurt, foreshadow, URGE, assure, 
eulogize, oppose, comfort, encourage, DIRECT, cheer, define, rationalize, invite, reveal, aid, 
help, ADORE, condescend, SCOFF, intimidate, 
welcome, EDUCATE, command or entice.

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